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Sinol Strong 5 lts + Base 500
Sinol Strong 5 lts + Base 500
Sinol Strong 5 lts + Base 500

Sinol Strong 5 lts + Base 500

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- To neutralize VERY strong odors in Marijuana crops

- Very effective and economical pack.

- Sinol Strong has a VERY strong and unpleasant smell, but it is the best neutralizer on the market.

- 5L bottle of Sinol Strong

- 500ml bottle of Sinol Base (polymers)

- With this pack we can form 50L of neutralizer


Dilute all or part of the Sinol Strong product in water of the order of 10% (recommended), stir and add 1 or 2 spoons (1ml) of Sinol Base polymers per 100 ml of liquid. Stir and wait a few minutes until the liquid is completely absorbed. The speed of absorption of the liquid depends on both the temperature of the water and the hardness of it

Spread the gel through the areas of interest. In cultivation we recommend placing / hanging under the filter. In this way we care only to neutralize the smell that comes out

With this pack we can prepare 5L of neutralizer or more with less concentration.

Sinol Strong is a very powerful product with a strong and unpleasant smell, but very effective in neutralizing the odors of the crop / drying


- In a bucket of about 10-12 L place 1L of Strong.

- Place 9 - 10 L of water. Stir

- Place 4-6 spoons of Sinol Base (25ml is delivered in the container).

Stir and wait.

- Hang under the filter

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El mejor !!!
Probé el Strong en formato PreGel en casa y fantástico!. Ahora lo tengo en el cultivo grande. A la salida de la extracción no se huele a cannabis

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