The METROP fertilizer line is: - Complete: from substrate preparation to flowering - Concentrated: allows to reduce storage and shipping - Effective: provides protection against pests and diseases and enhances production - Economical: it is dosed in very small doses With a single brand we cover the entire production cycle If you register you will see the prices with a 10% discount
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MAM - Plantas Madre


MAM is a specific product for mother plants, with which we will achieve permanent growth without lack of micro-elements. MAM, is a concentrated fertilizer designed for mother marijuana plants and their cuttings, with an NPK 20-20-8 designed for proper and stress-free maintenance of plants. It contains 27% of Kelpax, South African seaweed very rich in...
MR1 MR1 2
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MR1 - Crecimiento


It is a 100% organic highly concentrated liquid fertilizer that serves both soil and coconut and hydro, is dosed with a very low concentration and dissolves completely. MR1 is a superior and unmatched fertilizer, with high NPK bio-minerals and natural extracts. The MR1 fertilizer includes high levels of phosphorus (P) to create a great root system. The...
Root Root 2
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Root - Raíces


It is an amino acid-based root stimulator that will accelerate the expansion of root mass. It is applied at the beginning of the crop to cause an explosion in the vegetative development of the plant. It is a root stimulator through amino acids and vitamins that facilitates: - recovery of stressed plants very quickly - explosive root formation - increased...
CalGreen CalGreen 2
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CalGreen - Calcio


It is an additive specially prepared to provide Calcium easily assimilated by plants so that they do not lack this important element in their diet in hydroponic or soft water crops. Calgreen is a product designed to improve the plant structure of plants, making them more resistant to attacks by fungi and bugs, since the leaves and other parts have fewer...
Amino Xtrem Amino Xtrem 2
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AminoXtrem - Floración

Amino Xtrem

It is a fertilizer and stimulator for our flowering plants, with which we will provide the essential vitamins and amino acids so that our plants flourish at the highest level. It reduces stress and increases the resistance of plants to pests and diseases, while stimulating their metabolism, to favor a more vigorous growth, a strong root system generating...
Additive Enzymes Additive Enzymes 2
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Enzymes - Preparación Substrato

Additive Enzymes

Enzyme complex to clean the culture medium of decomposing organic matter and accumulated mineral salts. It improves the quality of the substrate with which we will ensure that our roots are permanently healthy and can easily absorb nutrients from the soil. 250ml, 1L and 5L containers
MR2 MR2 2
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MR2 - Floración


It is a liquid fertilizer for flowering very concentrated 100% organic that serves both soil and coconut and hydro, it is dosed with a very low concentration and dissolves completely. Optimize production both in weight and quality MR2 is the fertilizer that enhances flowering. The unique combination of NPK, with a 16-25 PK, will bring you high yields and...
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