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Enzyme complex to clean the culture medium of decomposing organic matter and accumulated mineral salts. It improves the quality of the substrate with which we will ensure that our roots are permanently healthy and can easily absorb nutrients from the soil. It regulates the chemical processes of the development of the roots and the plant, promoting a strong growth of the same, keeping them healthy by eliminating the risk of contagion due to diseases present in the substrate. In addition, it will help facilitate the processing of dead roots and plant residues so that they are quickly reused, keeping the plant well fed and the soil clean. - Stimulates root formation - Decomposes dead plant matter of the substrate 5L container


Enzymes de Metrop is a complex of enzymes to clean the culture medium of decomposing organic matter and accumulated mineral salts. We will ensure that the root zone is healthier and that our plants assimilate nutrients better. Enzymes will break down soil waste and convert them into carbohydrates and other molecules assimilable by our plants. It also promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms that establish a symbiotic relationship with the roots. Keep your roots healthy and free of diseases, they will respond with a strong growth and flowering, with large trunks and strong branches. Enzymes de Metrop will complement your fertilizer table by providing our crop with an additive that will help us to assimilate the other fertilizers much better. It breaks down dead roots by making carbohydrates with them and encourages the growth of many new roots. Consult the Metrop crop table to apply a professional fertilizer regime to your plants and get fantastic crops. Dose and how to use Enzymes: • Add 0.25ml per liter if you do daily watering as in Slabs or hydro. • 1ml per liter added weekly in our irrigation water when growing on land. • Composition of Metrop's Enzymes: • Enzymatic complex. • Endoglucanases. • Cellobiohydrolase. • B-glucosidase. • Other enzymes. • Vitamins. • Niacin. • Magnesium sulphate. • Excipients and biological preservatives. • Potassium sorbate.

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