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Sinol Base 100

Sinol Base 100

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They are polymer granules with the ability to absorb water up to 300 times their volume. They allow to convert into gel the products diluted in water. It comes in a 100 ml container with a 1 ml measuring spoon


With the Sinol product diluted in water (at the concentration of interest) add 1 or 2 ml polymers per 100 ml of liquid. e.g. if we prepare 1L of neutralizer (100 ml of Sinol + 900 ml of water) we will add 10 - 20 ml of Base. Remove the mixture and wait a few minutes until the liquid is completely absorbed The absorption capacity of the polymers depends on the temperature of the water and the quality and hardness of it. If it takes a long time to the best it is that we have put little Base. If we go over and put in excess, no problem, the only thing is that the gel granules will be smaller. The polymers can be regenerated several times, so it is not necessary to change them if we always use the same Sinol product even if the concentration is changed. If we allow the polymers to dry a lot, they will lose absorption capacity and after several regenerations (10 or less) it is possible that they should be replaced. With a 100 ml container we can convert 10 L of liquid into gel.

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